St Aubyn Church, Plymouth


St Aubyn Long Section

St Aubyn’s Church, situated in Chapel Street, Devonport, Plymouth was built in 1771. Damaged during World War 2 it was repaired and continues in use to the present day. As part of the Devonport regeneration project it is planned to refurbish the church in order to house Devonport Library, currently located at Devonport Guildhall, as well as continue to provide a place for worship.


Preston Engineering Survey Ltd were instructed to carry out a full measured survey of the grade 2 listed building in order to allow the refurbishment work to be planned and designed. This survey resulted in a full set of external architectural elevations together with cross sections, floor plans and details of the bell tower.
St Aubyn P01     St Aubyn Plans
St Aubyn Plan Detail             St Aubyn P03
  St Aubyn Cross section            St Aubyn P04