Ground Modelling & Earthworks Volume Analysis

When an earthworks project is undertaken, such as excavating and exporting unwanted soil from a site or infilling existing land to a new higher level, it is important to keep a record of the volume of material being excavated, transported and tipped. Most earthworks contracts are measured and paid by the cubic metre of material excavated and transported, so having an accurate calculation of the volumes involved can avoid the arguments and potential litigation over payment for the work. Similarly when infilling a site, it is important to keep an accurate check on the levels of fill to ensure they do not exceed the design limitations or planning consent, otherwise expensive remedial work can be involved in removing excess fill.

Ground Modelling

In order to provide accurate volumetric data, initially an existing level survey of the site should be carried out. This is then processed to produce a 3d model of the site that can then be used as a base plan for all other surveys and volume calculations. At various intervals during the project further surveys can be carried out to produce revised 3d models that can then be compared to the original survey and calculate the volume excavated or filled.

Ground modelling and volume analysis Cornwall Devon
TIN design model

Design Modelling

The design levels of a site, whether cut or fill, can be similarly modeled in CAD and then be used as a basis for controlling the earthworks as it progresses. If required a ‘TIN’ file (triangulated irregular network) can be generated and uploaded to a GPS device or total station theodolite allowing the surveyor to go anywhere on the site and be able to give an accurate distance from the current ground level to the finished level.

We offer a complete ground modelling service to our clients as described above. From project inception to completion we can provide all the elements needed to control the earthworks cut and fill – an initial site survey, calculation of design levels, intermediate surveys with volume calculations and a final as constructed survey if required.