Setting Out Job in Okehampton, Devon

Setting Out for a Steel Framed Industrial Factory Unit

These types of building have to be set out precisely both in line and level in order to avoid problems when the time comes to fit the steel frame. Concrete pad foundations are generally located under each steel column, or stanchion. The columns are fixed in position by steel holding down bolts that are cast into the concrete foundations. We usually work from the steel fabrication drawing to produce a comprehensive file of coordinates and line work that define the location of the bolts. Care has to be taken when calculating bolt set centres because they can vary in arrangement depending on the stanchion size but have to line up along the outside edge in order for the cladding rails to line up correctly. The drawings usually show an offset from grid line for each bolt group that has to be carefully adhered to. 

Construction site setting out in the Southwest

Positioning the bolt sets can be done either by hammering in offset pegs and nails, on the line of the bolts, around the pad and pulling a string line across or floating them into the concrete and using a surveying prism to position them in real time during casting. Any mistake in the positioning of the bolts can result in expensive delays during the erection of the steel frame as well as additional work in breaking out and recasting the bolts.