House in Noss Mayo

This job turned out to be the most challenging building survey that we have undertaken for a number of years! Commissioned to carry out a full survey to allow re-modelling, the specification was to produce a full set of elevations together with extensive cross sections and floor plans on a steeply sloping site with restricted access. Very few of the house walls lay square to each other and this, combined with a complex roof structure, made surveying and drawing the elevations a difficult task. The floors within the house were split-level, together with faceted rooms making survey control of paramount importance in order to obtain an accurate set of plans.

The work was completed on schedule and, on recieving the drawings the client commented as follows:

"What fantastic drawings - I find it hard to believe these can be produced - its hard to even see all the roof detail, let alone measure it!  Very many thanks."

Noss 01

Noss 02

Noss 03