Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys are carried out using a combination of modern non-contact techniques, such as reflectorless EDM and laser distance meters, together with more traditional taped measurements and field book sketches. Digital photography is utilised for building facades which, combined with image rectification software, can achieve a very high degree of detail if required.
Before undertaking a measured building survey the client is consulted to establish the final use of the survey and the required level of detail. This ensures that the survey is completed economically and that the client only pays for work that is required for their project.
 Measured building surveys typically result in the production of floor plans, architectural elevations, building cross sections and underground drainage layouts.
 Uses for measured building surveys include the following:
  • Domestic house extensions
  • Building change of use design
  • Planning applications
  • Listed building consent
  • Structural alterations
  • Historic building conservation
  • Floor working space optimisation

Measured building survey for a country house in Devon

Country House Elevation Drawing
Country House Ground Floor Plan

Building Elevation

Building Elevation Drawing

Domestic House

Domestic House Drawing
Barn Cross Section
Barn Elevation
Barn Elevation Drawing
Barn 2 Photograph   Barn 2 Elevation
Elevation detail drawing
Elevation Detail Photograph
Architectural Elevation
Ground Floor Plan

St Aubyn Church cross section

St Aubyn Church, in the bell tower

St Aubyn Church front elevation

St Aubyn Church measured building survey

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